For data visualization, the spiral arrangement offers two significant advantages. Firstly, data with long axes can be visualized, enhancing visualization resolution. Secondly, time-series data may be used to reveal recurring patterns.

spiralize is an R package that offers a generic solution for displaying data on spirals. It has many graphics functions that allow users to construct self-defined high-level graphics quickly.

Examples of spiralize visualizations. (A) Daily downloads of the ggplot2 package. (B) 91 subtypes of central nervous system tumors from 2801 samples. (C) DNA methylation and four histone modification signals along the gene BCAT2. (D) Phylogenetic tree of 3738 mammals. Unit on the y-axis: million years ago (mya). (E) Pairwise alignment of CDS of the gene TP53 between human and its mouse homologue.

spiralize can be used for visualizing subtype classification, phylogenetic tree, pairwise alignment, etc.

The package spiralize  and its documentation are available freely at the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)



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