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Centre of Bioinformatics Research and Technology (CBIRT), is an international scientific organization, formed with a vision of creating a niche in global computational biology and bioinformatics research sector. It is currently engaged in bioinformatics research and innovation. In addition to this, the organization is further involved in various scientific as well as literary events like workshops, training, conferences, meetings, publications and collaborations.

About Us

CBIRT acts as a catalyst to advance bioscientific/biotechnology/bioinformatics research, education and industry for the benefit of society and the environment.

Goals of Centre of Bioinformatics Research & Technology:

  • To increase public awareness and understanding of bioinformatics and its impacts.
  • To inform the public about the resources, programs, and activities of bioinformatics community.
  • To coordinate and participate in training activities (workshops, conferences and seminars) for students and scientists in biosciences.
  • To become a resource center for bioscience information and training.
  • To provide an environment that can develop capabilities building Bio-scientists.
  • To create trained manpower with a sound experience in bioinformatics.
  • To facilitate the process by which new research results are transferred to companies to stimulate economic development.
  • To gain a broader perspective of bioinformatics related issues by stimulating interaction among the bioinformatics disciplines.
  • To promote commercialization of bioinformatics by bringing together entrepreneurs and researchers.
  • To increase bioinformatics awareness through training, education, publication as well as providing latest bioinformatics news to the widest possible audience.
  • To bring together researchers across the world, and facilitate sharing of research knowledge through conferences, journals and seminars.

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Success Stories

All I would like to say is, "The experience at CBIRT was not just great, it was one life changing training. I have learnt a lot and realized my passion in this field. It has made me more confident in terms of carrying out a project. My warmest regards to the entire team!" Also I have gotten a summer project work at IISc in the MRDG Department. It was all because of this training!

Pallavi Surana

Biotech Engg.

“It was a great experience of writing an essay for 3rd DNA Day Article Contest that was organized by the CBIRT on 25th April 2017. It was the great platform to show writing skills as well as to address the DNA day celebration that is commemorated every year for the discovery of the DNA double helical structure. I truly thank CBIRT for providing such an opportunity that not only helps to improve writing skills but also help to know advancements in the participating themes.”

Ankita Shukla

Ph.D. Scholar (Bioinformatics)

"DNA day article writing contest was a great experience for me to take a step into how scientific articles are written. It has instilled in me the scientific temper required to be kept brimming in order to fair well. My article was about Genetic Testing! This technology is not very widely acceptable even in the 21st century in our country. I think it helped me realize how important it is to indulge in writing texts, so that the layman can also utilize the knowledge. Thank You CBIRT for this opportunity!"

Pallavi Surana

Biotech Engg.
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