Welcome to CBIRT

Formed with a vision of creating a niche in global computational biology and bioinformatics research sector, Centre of Bioinformatics Research and Technology (CBIRT), is an international scientific organization. It is currently engaged in bioinformatics research and innovation. In addition to this, the organization is further involved in various scientific as well as literary events like workshops, training, conferences, meetings, publications and collaborations.

CBIRT invites distinguished scientists, researchers and academicians to join the scientific committee. Memberships are open and free-of-charge.

The big vision of CBIRT is to attain new heights in bio scientific research. It acts as a catalyst to advance bioinformatics/biotechnology research, education and industry for the benefit of society and the environment. The organization conducts literary contests (essay writing, poster submission, slogan writing, etc) every year to inculcate scientific temperament within young masses. Winners are awarded merit certificate from the institute!

Centre of Bioinformatics Research and Technology’s mission is to maximize the benefits of bioinformatics to the nation by being an excellent quality, comprehensive bioinformatics centre that supports, coordinates, disseminates and aims in advancing bioinformatics.

Being digital and computerised is the buzz word of the century! And so has the focus of life science shifted to computational biology and bioinformatics. Join with the CBIRT group and be a part of the growing scientific community.

Short Term Training in Bioinformatics

CBIRT provides short term training in bioinformatics for students/researchers/lifescience graduates, etc. The program aims at providing rigourous training required to excel in current dynamic scientific research environment. For more details click here