Friday, September 30, 2022

Top  5 Ways to Lean Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Computational Structural Biology, In silico Drug Discovery, Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis, AI & Machine Learning for Bioinformatics, Data Science using R & Bioconductor, Deep Learning and  Programming for Bioinformatics.



Eliminating the Confounder Bias – A Radical Approach for Better Identification of Cancer Drug...

Researchers from Jilin University have constructed a machine learning-based model that reduces confounders' effects to identify potential driver genes involved in cancer initiation and...
INAP an integrated network analysis pipeline

iNAP: An Integrated Network Analysis Pipeline for Microbiome Studies in Complex Ecosystems

Microbial network analysis is an acceptable approach to investigating microbiome and metagenomic datasets and finding insights into a complex ecosystem. Ye Deng et al....
Occurrence of antibiotic resistomes in humans soil livestock and carcasses

Scientists Investigated Microbial Communities and Resistomes in Relation to Interconnected Humans, Soil, and Livestock

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) may be reservoired in intensive livestock farms, posing a threat to surrounding communities. The gut microbiome of livestock, workers, and their...
Pore-C experimental and data workflow to identify chromatin network

Mathematical Modeling Bridges Chromatin Architecture with Potential in Genome Medicine

Scientists from the University of Michigan employed hypergraph theory, utilizing long sequence reads to map genome-wide multi-ways to identify chromatin architecture within the human...
AttentionSiteDTI: Accelerating the Discovery of New Drugs with AI-based Screening Methods

Accelerating the Discovery of New Drugs with AI-based Screening Methods

The researchers from the University of Central Florida identified promising drug candidates using an AI-based tool, "AttentionSiteDTI," that uses natural language to model drug-target...