Postdoctoral Scientist, AI in Computational Cardiology (UCSF)

    Postdoctoral Scientist, AI in Computational Cardiology (UCSF)

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    Posted on: 27-04-22
    Deadline: 30-09-22
    Profile: Postdoctoral Scientist, AI in Computational Cardiology (UCSF)
    University of California, San Francisco

    The Cardiac Vision Laboratory at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) offers multiple postdoctoral research positions. We seek researchers with a background in medical imaging, computational physiology, deep learning and/or mathematical biology.
    Applicants should have a PhD in physics, applied mathematics, engineering, computer science, or a similar related field and should have a strong interest in conducting research in medicine and medical imaging.

    The Cardiac Vision Laboratory performs cross-disciplinary research at the interface between cardiology, bioengineering, the physics of complex biological systems, computer vision and artificial intelligence. We study heart rhythm disorders, the interactions between cardiac electrophysiology and soft-tissue mechanics, and develop novel diagnostic imaging for a better, more effective diagnosis of heart rhythm disorders. Our focus is to generate and use measurement data to reconstruct and predict heart rhythm disorders. We analyze measurement data generated in computer simulations as well as with imaging modalities such as ultrasound, fluorescence imaging, magnetic resonance imaging and electrical imaging. While the research is largely computational, it also involves the generation of experimental data in our laboratory and in collaboration with clinicians at UCSF. Our laboratory is located at the Cardiovascular Research Institute on UCSF’s Mission Bay campus, which hosts many other basic science institutes, including centers conducting computational research (e.g. Center for Intelligent Imaging, Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute). We closely collaborate with cardiologists and radiologists, as well as with cardiac biomechanics modeling experts and computer vision experts at UCSF. Overall, the research includes and combines many different aspects from mathematical biology, mechano-biology, physiology, biophysics, nonlinear physics, machine learning, bioengineering, and computer vision, and spans from basic to applied research. Depending on the qualifications and interests of the applicant, the work could focus on the development of deep learning models, computer simulations and/or numerical techniques for data processing or the development of imaging techniques.

    Applicants must have first-author publications in peer-reviewed journals, be passionate about research in general and be enthusiastic about developing and applying quantitative methods such as computational modelling, image processing or deep learning to problems in biology and physiology. Applicants should be highly motivated, reliable, curiosity-driven, goal-oriented and driven to publish, be able to work with and supervise undergraduate students, and be able to identify and investigate scientific problems and take initiative to research and solve these problems. Ideal candidates have previous experience with machine learning and/or computer vision. A background in computational cardiology and/or computer modeling of the heart is beneficial but not strictly necessary.

    The positions will be renewed annually based on performance. Initial project duration will be 2 years with the possibility to renew the employment to up to 5 years. The research positions will be well suited to prepare for and build a career in academia or in the medical device industry. The positions will be available from September 2022 (earlier start date possible) and applications will be reviewed until filled. Remote work (full or part-time) is negotiable.

    Please reach out to Dr. Jan Christoph ( to inquire about the specifics of potential research projects and include a CV and a cover letter with a brief research statement.

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