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    Posted on: 27-04-22

    Profile: Human Genomics Lead
    Company: Gordian Biotechnology

    The Destination:
    Gordian Biotechnology is a therapeutics company focused on diseases of aging, the major unmet medical need of our generation. Age-related diseases have complex causes that include interactions with the aged environment, and traditional ex vivo screening methods have failed to produce effective treatments.
    To address this problem, Gordian’s platform delivers and tests hundreds of therapeutics in individual animals. We thus scale in vivo efficacy testing to cover every therapeutic target at the very beginning of the drug discovery process. This lets us choose targets that really impact disease biology, to develop and commercialize therapies for the world’s deadliest diseases, and eventually for the processes of aging itself.
    The Journey:
    Our mission is audacious, and the path will be full of both challenges and excitement. Two things characterize the Gordian experience: 1) We work as a team, with ownership in our own roles and trust in each other. 2) We strive for extraordinary outcomes, and in doing so grow our skills and capability.
    Team: Relying on each other begins with transparency. We set clear goals, visibly connecting individuals and teams to our company objectives. This empowers each of us to make autonomous decisions about our work, knowing how they will affect the bigger picture. Our communication happens out in the open. We give and receive feedback from a perspective of helping each other grow, share mistakes, and ask for help.
    Extraordinary: Every day, we ask ourselves ‘could this process/outcome be even better?’. Knowing our overall mission, we do what we think helps us make the most progress, without asking for permission. We don’t shy away from big challenges or unknown territory, but find a way to excel. Our colleagues are amazing, both at what they do and as people. They inspire us to keep up, to not let them down, and be inspiring in return.
    Like any cutting-edge research environment, Gordian doesn’t believe in a standard 9 to 5 day. We set ambitious project goals and support each other to meet them, while maintaining the balance individuals need to thrive and achieve excellence. Our team is geared towards helping each other out and maintaining a culture of intellectual and social fun. We like getting things done and keep standing meetings to a minimum. This year, in accordance with our unlimited vacation policy, each member took an average of 2.5 weeks of (offline) vacation, not including major holidays. We unwind with weekly team lunches, and support each others’ projects both experimentally and by ‘pre-mortem’ meetings to discuss possible failure modes and experimental design.
    If this environment sounds appealing, help us bring it to life. We are at the beginning of a long journey, and want both your ability and your personality along for the ride. Our culture is a source of great pride; it represents both who we are, and who we wish to be. You can dive deeper here:
    The Details:
    Gordian aims to provide everything you need to thrive. Beyond our community and science, you’ll have enough equity to be a true stakeholder in the company, competitive salary, full health/dental/vision/life insurance, whatever vacation you need to be at your peak, remote work flexibility, and access to world-class mentors and advisors to support your professional growth. Our labs are in the Dogpatch, near UCSF Mission Bay.

    And you:
    You have a history of successful execution, both in- and outside of your job description. You want a chance to do your best work, immerse yourself and excel, alongside people who will inspire you and whom you’ll be excited to spend your days with.
    You truly want to play a key role in an early-stage startup: A fast-paced environment full of both uncertainty and new challenges, demanding relentless resourcefulness.
    You have experience managing time-sensitive projects, in collaboration with other specialists. You have deep expertise, and broad curiosity. You are excited to use cutting-edge technology to find the best therapeutic targets, and turn those into drugs.
    Your primary mission as human genomics lead is to integrate our in vivo screens with analyses based on human data, to guide our work towards maximal clinical relevance. Gordian has collected and sequenced human patient samples, to combine with public datasets. You will lead the development of computational analyses aimed at quantifying the similarity of transcriptional manifestation in human disease to our animal models. You’ll extend this analysis to interpret the response to interventions in our screens, to assess their relevance for human disease biology. This will serve to prioritize both targets for testing and therapies to pursue for preclinical development, boosting the impact of our entire discovery platform and efforts. As part of this mission, you will proactively seek out the human data required to reach confidence in your analyses. This includes designing functional genomics experiments in patient-mimicking systems (e.g. organoids or tissue slices), to provide direct evidence for your predictions. In collaboration with our platform team and disease experts, you will determine which models, readouts, and designs will give us decisive answers, making use of Gordian’s proprietary technology where relevant. You will also push the acquisition of more human data when required to reach confidence in your analyses, by expanding tissue sourcing and/or setting up collaborations to access proprietary datasets.
    You are constantly thinking about how clinical data and your interpretation of human disease biology can be linked to the transcriptomic readout of our screens. Your work will provide an ‘augmented reality’ lens, where the human context of our disease model work is ever-present during design and analysis of experiments. You’re empowered to set a high bar for making use of this perspective, educating and reminding everyone of our ultimate mission. You will begin by developing methods to provide this insight, then processes that make sure it’s used, and eventually you will build out an interdisciplinary team to test hypotheses about human disease based on our growing screening datasets.
    In your first month at Gordian, you will use public and proprietary genomic data from liver disease to add 200 candidate targets based on human disease to our upcoming NASH screen. You will collaborate with our data team for analysis, but be responsible for choosing suitable approaches. In your second month, you will develop methods that allow quantification of ‘similarity to human disease’ in disease manifestation and intervention responses, and apply this to analysis of our equine osteoarthritis screen. By six months you will have developed and applied such similarity metrics for 3-4 indications, launched initiatives to triple Gordian’s access to human data (to be completed by the end of 2022), and led in-house functional experiments to test and improve your method for choosing candidate targets based on human genomic data. In this period you’ll have formed bonds and be communicating effectively with everyone at the company, and will be working with the CSO to define our longer-term ‘human relevance’ strategy.
    To excel in this role, you’ll need a strong background in single cell RNA analysis, including functional genomics approaches to validate hypotheses. You enjoy working across interdisciplinary teams, using cutting-edge tools to understand cellular and tissue dysfunction, and have excellent communication with both computational, experimental, and clinical researchers. You have been in charge of one or more extended projects, involving logistical and collaborative challenges. You have experience working with non-immortalized human cells, ideally with one or more ‘patient mimicking’ systems such as organoids, co-culture, or tissue explants. Experience with pooled screening, CRISPR, human genetics, comparative genomics, and disease biology are all pluses.

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