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    Role: Bioinformatician
    Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    Work Exp.: 3-7 Years
    Job Type: Full Time
    Salary: INR 3-6 LPA
    Date Posted: 26 May, 2022

    Job Description

    •Analyse and manage the NGS / Micro-array data using relevant pipelines in VMWare.

    •Develop customized pipelines and workflows and tweak current pipeline filters for NGS and micro-array technologies.

    •Create algorithms and programs for NGS and micro-array technologies.

    •Identify the databases availability and their reliability in future and help the research team in data collection strategies.

    •Interpret genetic sequence variations identified through the pipeline•Check quality and accuracy of the data

    •Work in conjunction with team members to ensure consistent variant selection and classification

    •Troubleshoot issues related to data analysis tools and software’s.


    •Postgraduate/Graduate in (Bioinformatics / Genomics / Applied Biology / Genetic Engineering) or at least 2 years of experience in WGS and/or micro-array data management and analysis.

    •Ability to handle big data using relevant tools.

    •Knowledge of Python/ Perl and DBMS & R for statistical analysis.

    •Has used Linux OS system and is comfortable working with Virtual box.

    •Proven ability to read, interpret and curate scientific literature.

    •Excellent communication skills (oral and written) and attention to detail.

    •Ability to learn new techniques, perform multiple tasks simultaneously, keep accurate records, follow instructions, complete deadlines, and comply with company policies Desirable.

    •Sound knowledge of Human genetics.

    •Tools for handling high throughput sequencing.

    •Basic knowledge of software in at least one of the following: Next Generation Sequencing, Microarray and qPCR.


    The Gene Box is a pioneering health-tech company that specializes in predictive testing. Our technology can provide a comprehensive perspective about one’s well-being by looking at their DNA blueprint. Our personalized reports are associated with recommendations so that not only can one understand their innate strengths and weaknesses but also make lifestyle modifications early on in life for a better, smarter health. The Gene Box sees itself as an enabler. We want to drive predictive testing through meaningful partnerships.

    Our Services

    Test and Analysis: We offer predictive genetic analysis to identify innate variations which impact overall health and wellness.

    Actionable Recommendations: We interpret genetic data and translate biological information for practical solutions.

    Collaborative Research: As experts in genomic science and data-driven technology, our research-based partnerships offer in-depth scientific solutions for the end-user

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