AI/ML Engineer, Good Machine Learning Practice

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    Job Profile: AI/ML Engineer, Good Machine Learning Practice

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    Site Name: Home Worker – GBR
    Posted Date: Nov 22 2022

    AI/ML Engineer, Good Machine Learning Practice

    At GSK, we are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to develop new therapies and personalized drugs that drive better outcomes for patients at reduced cost with fewer side effects. Because the datasets we use and algorithms we build at each step of the drug development journey have safety and ethical implications for our patients, GSK has a dedicated team working on the responsible use of AI in healthcare. As part of this, we are constantly aiming to improve the quality of our development process and of the ML tools we are building. If this excites you and you want to be part of our growing team, we would love to chat.

    We are looking for ML and software engineers with a track record in developing production grade software solutions, who can collaborate closely with stakeholders from AI/ML, platform engineering, and GSK’s regulatory team. Ideal candidates are outstanding software engineers with in-depth knowledge in modern software craftsmanship practices and a keen interest in continuously raising the standard of our software, data management and deployment pipelines.

    The Responsible AI team is built on the principles of ownership, accountability, continuous development, and collaboration. We hire for the long term, and we are motivated to make this a great place to work. Our leaders will be committed to your career and development from day one. We strongly encourage applications from people with diverse and underrepresented backgrounds and perspectives.

    At GSK we are combining the power of genetic and genomic insights into what causes disease, with the speed and scale of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to make better predictions about who a treatment might work for, and why. We believe this powerful combination of data and technology holds the key to fundamentally transforming medical discovery for the better, improving R&D success rates and shaping how even the most challenging diseases, like neurological conditions and cancer, can be both prevented and treated.

    In 2021 we delivered four major product approvals: Cabenuva for HIV, Jemperli for endometrial cancer, Xevudy for COVID-19 and Apretude, our new long-acting medicine for HIV prevention.

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    In this role you will

    • Support different teams across AIML and GSK to implement our Good Machine Learning Practice framework.
    • Deliver robust, tested and performant code in an agile development environment.
    • Work closely with GSK’s platform team to continuously raise the quality of our ML pipelines and software products.

    Closing Date for Applications: 16 December 2022

    Please take a copy of the Job Description, as this will not be available post closure of the advert.
    When applying for this role, please use the ‘cover letter’ of the online application or your CV to describe how you meet the competencies for this role, as outlined in the job requirements above. The information that you have provided in your cover letter and CV will be used to assess your application.

    During the course of your application you will be requested to complete voluntary information which will be used in monitoring the effectiveness of our equality and diversity policies. Your information will be treated as confidential and will not be used in any part of the selection process.  If you require a reasonable adjustment to the application / selection process to enable you to demonstrate your ability to perform the job requirements, please contact 0808 234 4391. This will help us to understand any modifications we may need to make to support you throughout our selection process.


    Why you?

    Qualifications & Skills:

    We are looking for professionals with these required skills to achieve our goals:

    • A degree in a quantitative or engineering discipline (e.g., computer science, computational biology, bioinformatics, engineering, among others); OR equivalent work experience as a professional ML engineer or data scientist.
    • Demonstrated advanced programming expertise in Python and in developing and delivering robust software solutions.
    • Experience of modern software engineering tools and best practices, including containerization (Docker), continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), and MLOps.
    • Good understanding of the ML development cycle and at least one major deep learning framework (preferably PyTorch).
    • Keenness to learn fast in a new domain and to develop your ML, software and platform engineering skills.
    • Proactive communication and problem-solving, and a proven ability to collaborate with colleagues of various backgrounds and levels of seniority.

    Preferred Qualifications & Skills:

    If you have the following characteristics, it would be a plus:

    • Experience with quality management and working in regulated environments.
    • Experience of managing and working with biomedical data (e.g., genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, electronic health records, clinical images).
    • Experience with Kubernetes.
    • Contributions to relevant open-source projects.
    • A background or interest in drug discovery, biology, medicine or ethics.

    Why GSK?

    Uniting science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together

    GSK is a global biopharma company with a special purpose – to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together – so we can positively impact the health of billions of people and deliver stronger, more sustainable shareholder returns – as an organisation where people can thrive. Getting ahead means preventing disease as well as treating it, and we aim to impact the health of 2.5 billion people around the world in the next 10 years.

    Our success absolutely depends on our people. While getting ahead of disease together is about our ambition for patients and shareholders, it’s also about making GSK a place where people can thrive. We want GSK to be a place where people feel inspired, encouraged and challenged to be the best they can be. A place where they can be themselves – feeling welcome, valued and included. Where they can keep growing and look after their wellbeing. So, if you share our ambition, join us at this exciting moment in our journey to get Ahead Together.

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